We do NOT want to see the world through your eyes.

We are different. We work different.


know delta.

We have developed a new, fresh method, called "know delta" to see the world through different eyes. This structured approach provides different views, new thinking and additional solutions.  We enable you to discover completely new, faster, better and more sustainable ways to achieve your goal.


No matter if you own a company or only a part of it, or a portfolio of investments. Typically you (or the managment team of the company) have at least a business plan (or something which is called a plan...), some financial numbers, a team, some business, a market where you do business and a product or service people buy - or should buy. And finally you have a goal or some sort of expectations.

Now, we join in and we will go through the company basics first. Then, after knowing your current situation, possibilities and goals, we are able (together with you) to design, set up and start your individual lateral thinking process. Lateral thinking is different and very often provides completely new aspects of your current situation and other ways to achieve your goals.

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Shared Risk.

We share risk - and we like it. We know that our newly developed method "know delta" will unveil new chances, options and possibilities for everyone - enabling you to improve your own performance.

If you run and own the business, you got the risk. And we know, each business has its own specific risk. We love to discuss how to share it when we change, restructure, or optimize it together.

Any change bears additional risk (and chances), we are here to help you to achieve your goals faster at less risk.

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