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Heinrich Gospos

Heinrich Gospos

Jan Wendenburg

Jan Wendenburg

Heinrich Gospos

Heinrich started his career as a qualified bank officer; thereafter he received a Master of Sience in Management (Diplom Kaufmann) from the University in Cologne. Then he joined COMMERZBANK AG, one of the largest banks in Germany as financing advisor for companies and other businesses. Being responsible for various larger corporate clients at COMMERZBANK AG, he moved to join SIEMENS AG as national sales director for IT product & service financing. In 2004 he left SIEMENS AG to start his own business for corporate interim management. Today he has a remarkable track record, including successfully restructured telecom companies, founding and launching an austrian TV broadcaster, launching a specialized music radio station, helping to launch various internet companies and restructuring an international, swiss based real estate company.

Heinrich has an extensive and very broad expertise on finance, debt structuring and he provides "hands on" operational support from conceptual design to interim management. He is fluent in German and English.

At W TRUST Heinrich is focusing  on finance related aspects, on media and internet related industries.

Heinrich may be contacted directly at info(at)xyfa.de.

You will find find more about Heinrich on XING.

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Jan C. Wendenburg

Jan has worked in the IT industry for his entire life. At IBM he managed global customers, large scale system integrators and several branch offices with hundreds of millions in sales. Then, he joined a German based, international IT company. which he transformed into an international Venture Capital company with offices in Berlin, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.  Based on his experience, he founded AuthentiDate International AG, one of the leading IT security specialists for complex, legal IT security compliance and held the position of CEO. In 2005 he actively supported the US based AuthentiDate Holding Corp (NASDAQ: ADAT) in successfully closing a PIPE (Private Investment in Public Equity) at a total of $70 Million US. In 2010 he initiated the sale of the German based AuthentiDate to the exceet Group AG (Switzerland), supporting exceet's successful IPO at the German stock exchange (Frankfurt) in April 2011. Being responsible for exceet's Embedded Security Solution (ESS)  Business Segment as Senior Vice President ESS, Member of the exceet Group S.E. Executive Committee and CEO of AuthentiDate, he left exceet Group to help other companies and investors to achieve their goals faster at less risk.

At W TRUST Jan is focusing on IT companies, financial analysis & tasks, investments challenges and investor search. Jan is fluent in German and English.

Jan may be contacted directly at jan.wendenburg(at)wtrust.de.

You will find more about Jan on Linkedin and XING.